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The Bipartisan Background Checks Act

We are advocating for the passage of the Bipartisan Background Checks Act (H.R. 715 / S. 494) to safeguard our communities from gun violence and save lives. This crucial legislation would mandate background checks on all gun sales, extending beyond traditional brick-and-mortar stores to encompass every platform where firearms are currently sold. As the cornerstone of any successful strategy to reduce gun violence in the United States, background check laws have garnered overwhelming public support, with 93% of American voters in favor of requiring background checks for all gun sales. This includes 89% of Republicans and 89% of gun owners.

The H.R. 715 / S. 494 bill aims to close the dangerous loophole in federal gun laws, which exempts unlicensed gun sellers from conducting background checks before selling firearms. By ensuring that all gun sales and transfers undergo background checks, the legislation prevents individuals who are already prohibited from gun possession under federal law, such as felons and domestic abusers, from obtaining firearms. Passing this bipartisan, commonsense legislation is not only a vital step towards enhanced public safety, but also reflects the overwhelming consensus of the American people in their call for universal background checks.

See here for a link to a description of the bill from Everytown (though with the number from last Congress).

See here for a link to for the bill

Fox News recently released a poll showing 87% of voters surveyed support requiring criminal background checks for all gun buyers. That's what this bill does.

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