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We want universal background checks.
Pass H.R. 715 / S. 494

1. Find the phone numbers for your three federal reps (2 Senators, 1 Representative) and then save them as contacts in your phone.


CLICK HERE to look up your representatives


 2. Call them and use the script below to tell them to pass the Bipartisan Background Check Act.

3. Post your call log on instagram to tell everyone you called your reps - use one of the templates below.

4. Don't forget to tag us @ForFactsSake_ and use #DialLikeADad

Visit our FAQ page if you have questions about calling your reps.





My name is Jan Doe and I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I am a constituent.


[Guns are the number one killer of America’s children - now is the time to do more, not less, to ensure their safety.] I ask that you please co-sponsor and push for passage of the Bipartisan Background Checks Act.


If you are talking to a Senate office, say the bill number: S. 494.

If you are talking to a House office, say the bill number: H.R. 715.


Thank you


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