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For Facts Sake (FFS) is an organization dedicated to fostering political change through the power of social media campaigns and compelling digital communication. 

Our mission is to tackle the complex issues of our time by creating and executing strategic, organic, and engaging campaigns that inspire our community to take meaningful action. Our campaigns are created by people fluent in the language of digital media, we create the content we want to see, re-post and share.

At the core of our work is the belief that narrative-building campaigns can serve as a catalyst for political change. By sparking conversations, challenging misconceptions, and rallying support, FFS aims to shape public opinion and influence policy in a way that leads to tangible, positive outcomes.

Join the FFS community today and be part of a movement that harnesses the power of social media to drive real and lasting political impact. Together, we can create a better, more informed world.

Meet Emily Amick


Emily Amick, EmilyInYourPhone
  • Instagram

Emily Amick, a powerhouse lawyer, journalist, and former counsel to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, is on a mission to make politics accessible and engaging. She's the brains behind @emilyinyourphone on Instagram and the founder of For Facts Sake (FFS).

Emily won a public office at just 20 years old while attending Wellesley College, has a Master's in journalism from the University of Alabama, a JD from Columbia University School of Law, and an LLM in international criminal law from the University of Amsterdam.

With a knack for cutting through the noise, Emily has grown her online presence by empowering her audience to take political action. As the driving force behind FFS, she's dedicated to creating social media campaigns that spark real change and build a stronger democracy.

Join Emily and the FFS community on their bold journey to revolutionize political engagement, one social media post at a time.

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